“Rock With Amy” Britney Spears vs. Janet Jackson







Here’s a new mash-up that I put together today. Britney Spears’ “If You Seek Amy” on top of “Rock With U” by Janet Jackson. Enjoy!

Rock With Amy (Britney Spears vs. Janet Jackson) 4:09


  1. Britney today is talentless. Back before she went crazy she was a good entertainer as she looked good and could pull off entertaining choreography. Today though, today she looks like shit and can’t even dance worth a damn. Her last album sucks and the videos are horrible as well. Her current tour is a joke with no live band or remixes or any real dancing on her part.

  2. finally! someone who believes their eyes & ears & not ridiculous hype!!!

  3. Um i love janet and britney both. they are both great and i love their music. i have all of their albums. they are both just geat. and i think britneys last album was great. so yea.

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