Imogen Heap “First Train Home” (DJ ZAX vs. Stonebridge Club Mix)







Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge fan of Imogen Heap. I’ve been following her vBlogs and tweets for the past two years while she’s been working on her new album, Ellipse, which is scheduled to be released 25 August here in the states. When the lead single, “First Train Home” was released, I got busy to work on this remix using some Stonebridge beats.

Please be sure to support Immi. Buy the single “First Train Home” and pre-order Ellipse at the links below.

“First Train Home:” iTunes Or Amazon
Ellipse Pre-Order: iTunes Or Amazon


  1. Awesome remix, I’m a huge fan of Imogen Heap as well, can’t wait for the whole album remix!

  2. how do you get vocal tracks without the original music on it?
    I cant figure it out??

    • They have to have been released separately as an acapella. I don’t have an acapella for “First Train Home.” For this mix, I tried to filter the original song so the music wouldn’t compete with the Stonebridge track.

  3. Any chance you can create an acapella of “Half Life,” the closing track from ‘Ellipse?’ I am DYING to remix that song but I’m a bit inexperienced with making acapellas!

  4. I love this song so much! I also like the remix of “Swoon” I heard on “The Get Off” yesterday… any chance you can put that up for download?

    • Hey Nick, it will be up soon… I’m working on a few Imogen mixes and will post them all together.

  5. Love your remixes nearly as much as I love Heap! Looking forward to more remixes! Keep up the good stuff!

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