“Hollaback Cameo”


This mashup was my first to gain some traction. It was blogged about quite a bit, including notable mentions on Stereogum and USA Today’s pop culture blog.

I made it in 2005 after buying a used 12″ of Cameo’s “Word Up” at Amoeba. I began spinning the instrumental and wondered what would fit with it — I played the “Hollaback Girl” acapella and it sounded pretty cool. So I decided to do a proper mashup. Sometimes it’s easy like that.

“Touch My Body” Remix feat. Fatman Scoop


The original version of “Touch My Body” was too slow to really get the club jumpin’, so I set to work crafting it into the club banger I’d been hoping for. The instrumental of Australian pop-singer Ricki-Lee’s “Can’t Touch It” was the perfect fit. I also added in Fatman Scoop to hype up the track — he always manages to drive people into a frenzy on the dancefloor. This remix was released on a special promotional remix vinyl.


“Perfect Donuts”


Sibley vs. Princess Superstar

Sibley is one to watch. A Bay Area native, she’s now working hard in L.A. launching her music career with legendary producer Marc Kinchen. “Donuts” is a catchy, sweet pop song that’ll have you on a run to Krispy Kreme in no time.

“I eat donuts man, I eat donuts. I eat donuts man, I eat donuts. Your car, your cash, your ice, don’t want it. Donuts man, I eat donuts.” Word!

Check out the house mashup I made with Mason/Princess Superstar’s “Perfect [Exceeder].”


Bootie Setlist :: 11-22-08


Thanks to everyone who came out for my Bootie debut last night.
Here’s what you were dancing to —

  1. DJ ZAX – Tainted Womanizer
  2. Beatbreaker – Gotta Crank Thru This
  3. DJ ZAX – Quad City Lezzies
  4. DJ Schmolli – Upgrade The Casbah
  5. Xam – Give It 2 Me Wild Thing
  6. DJ Shyboy – You Spin Me Upside Down
  7. team9 – Britney, Dead or Alive?
  8. DJ ZAX – Just Dance Into The Groove
  9. DJ ZAX – Thriller Lockdown
  10. DJ ZAX – Hollaback Cameo
  11. Lethal Weapon – Tell Me When to Go to Heaven
  12. Loo & Placido – Timba Funk Land
  13. DJ ZAX – Give It 2 THEM!!!
  14. DJ Earlybird – Girls Just Wanna Dance With Somebody
  15. DJ ZAX – Damaged Escapade
  16. C.H.A.O.S. Productions – Supermodel Escapade
  17. DJ ZAX – What Have U Done 4 Me Last Night?
  18. DJ Little Martin – It Takes The Right Stuff
  19. DJ ZAX – Crush My Body
  20. Pheugoo – American Boy Around The World
  21. Immuzikation – L.E.S.D.A.N.C.E.
  22. DJ Frankie P – Single Ladies Night
  23. DJ ZAX – Say You’ll Let It Go
  24. DJ Scene – Need You To Change Clothes
  25. Unknown – Funky Cold Jockin’ **
  26. mash2mix – Shut Up Your Delight
  27. DJ ZAX – I Love Your Ditty
  28. DJ ZAX – All Nite 4 U
  29. DJ ZAX – Hollywood Wondergroove
  30. Alex M – American Pink
  31. C.H.A.O.S. Productions – M.I.A. in Funkytown
  32. Calmucho Presents – Bleeding Mercy! (Disco Mix)
  33. Rock-It! Scientists – Show Me Lollipop
  34. DJ ZAX – Gypsy Woman Got Your Money
  35. DJ ZAX – Katy Perry’s Sweet Dreams
  36. Seamster – Krazy Widow
  37. DJ Paul V – Just Can’t Get Club Action
  38. DJ ZAX – Bossy Love
  39. Unknown – Caught Up Candy **
  40. Rock-It! Scientists – Let’s Push It
  41. DJ ZAX – Ponyizer

** I’ve done my best to credit the original producer of each mashup. If I have an incorrect or incomplete ID3 tag, please let me know.