“Touch My Body” Remix feat. Fatman Scoop


The original version of “Touch My Body” was too slow to really get the club jumpin’, so I set to work crafting it into the club banger I’d been hoping for. The relatively obscure instrumental of Australian pop-singer Ricki-Lee’s “Can’t Touch It” was the perfect fit. I also added in Fatman Scoop to hype up the track — he always manages to drive people into a frenzy on the dancefloor. This remix was released on a special promotional remix vinyl.



“Perfect Donuts”


Sibley vs. Princess Superstar

Sibley is one to watch. A Bay Area native, she’s now working hard in L.A. launching her music career with legendary producer Marc Kinchen. “Donuts” is a catchy, sweet pop song that’ll have you on a run to Krispy Kreme in no time.

“I eat donuts man, I eat donuts. I eat donuts man, I eat donuts. Your car, your cash, your ice, don’t want it. Donuts man, I eat donuts.” Word!

Check out the house mashup I made with Mason/Princess Superstar’s “Perfect [Exceeder].”


Bootie Setlist :: 11-22-08


Thanks to everyone who came out for my Bootie debut last night.
Here’s what you were dancing to —

  1. DJ ZAX – Tainted Womanizer
  2. Beatbreaker – Gotta Crank Thru This
  3. DJ ZAX – Quad City Lezzies
  4. DJ Schmolli – Upgrade The Casbah
  5. Xam – Give It 2 Me Wild Thing
  6. DJ Shyboy – You Spin Me Upside Down
  7. team9 – Britney, Dead or Alive?
  8. DJ ZAX – Just Dance Into The Groove
  9. DJ ZAX – Thriller Lockdown
  10. DJ ZAX – Hollaback Cameo
  11. Lethal Weapon – Tell Me When to Go to Heaven
  12. Loo & Placido – Timba Funk Land
  13. DJ ZAX – Give It 2 THEM!!!
  14. DJ Earlybird – Girls Just Wanna Dance With Somebody
  15. DJ ZAX – Damaged Escapade
  16. C.H.A.O.S. Productions – Supermodel Escapade
  17. DJ ZAX – What Have U Done 4 Me Last Night?
  18. DJ Little Martin – It Takes The Right Stuff
  19. DJ ZAX – Crush My Body
  20. Pheugoo – American Boy Around The World
  21. Immuzikation – L.E.S.D.A.N.C.E.
  22. DJ Frankie P – Single Ladies Night
  23. DJ ZAX – Say You’ll Let It Go
  24. DJ Scene – Need You To Change Clothes
  25. Unknown – Funky Cold Jockin’ **
  26. mash2mix – Shut Up Your Delight
  27. DJ ZAX – I Love Your Ditty
  28. DJ ZAX – All Nite 4 U
  29. DJ ZAX – Hollywood Wondergroove
  30. Alex M – American Pink
  31. C.H.A.O.S. Productions – M.I.A. in Funkytown
  32. Calmucho Presents – Bleeding Mercy! (Disco Mix)
  33. Rock-It! Scientists – Show Me Lollipop
  34. DJ ZAX – Gypsy Woman Got Your Money
  35. DJ ZAX – Katy Perry’s Sweet Dreams
  36. Seamster – Krazy Widow
  37. DJ Paul V – Just Can’t Get Club Action
  38. DJ ZAX – Bossy Love
  39. Unknown – Caught Up Candy **
  40. Rock-It! Scientists – Let’s Push It
  41. DJ ZAX – Ponyizer

** I’ve done my best to credit the original producer of each mashup. If I have an incorrect or incomplete ID3 tag, please let me know.